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About Us
We sell great quality nearly new clothes for children aged 0-5 years. All clothes have been quality assessed, washed, ironed and wrapped in a lovely parcel and sent directly to you.

Remember we only have one of each item, therefore if you see something you like, we recommend you purchase straight away, otherwise someone else might grab your bargain! Our stock is continuously updated, so don't worry, we think you will always find something you like. See our delivery and returns policy

Company Background

Baby and Tots Boutique was founded in 2016 by first time mum, Alison.  Alison has spent the past 20 years working in London, specialising in business management, sales and marketing. 

After having my first child, I noticed that buying all the 'necessary' equipment, toys and clothes quickly became very expensive to the pocket and the environment.  I also realised that my daughter only wore her clothes a handful of times before they were too small, that's when Baby and Tots Boutique was born.

The business initially started very slowly, however it has quickly gained momentum. Recently we’ve won several awards recognising the work we have been doing and have only ever received 5 star feedback from our hundreds of customers. 

Ethical Shopping

Our aim is to be the go to website for parents looking for good quality, pre-loved baby and toddler clothes at great prices. Remember every item purchased is one less produced and that may ends up in a land fill. #ReduceReuseRecycle

Giving Back 

Following the theme of reduce, reuse, recycle, any items that are not in perfect condition, but still have life left in them are donated to several local charities. Whilst this was not our key objective initially, it has also helped us give back to some of the most in need in our community. In the process this has enabled charity shops to raise hundreds of additional pounds to support their operations.